How PPC Can Increase Your Qualified Visitors

Google adwords management service is a tangible investment and a measurable form of marketing.

You’re not trying to get some people to look at your ad – you’re paying to connect directly with people who need you. And you only pay money when they click your ad, as opposed to shelling out cash to set up a big sign on the side of the road.

As you might have guessed, I’m not a believer in exposure. I believe in measurable data and accountable results.

How PPC can increase your qualified visitors

1. Meet people at their point of need

-Being right there when someone needs something is the best way to sell anything to anyone. PPC is no different.

The goal of PPC is to anticipate the keyword searches of qualified traffic—those with the interest and intent to buy— and meet them at their point of need.

Various keywords relating to your business and services combined with words that convey commercial intent will be the tool to place your business in front of these interested consumers.

Words that convey commercial intent are like gold in PPC. Example of such words would be ‘buy,’ ‘compare,’ ‘price,’ ‘cost,’ etc.

These cost related terms all show exactly what this person is thinking— “I am thinking about buying this product/service.” Your goal is to have your business emerge at the top of these commercial intent searches.

With PPC, you can target exactly those campaigns.

2. You can know what is, or is not working

Unlike print, radio, or television, your PPC campaign can be directly accountable to results. You can know, down to the keyword that people use, that your campaign is successful.

A well-run PPC campaign manager will monitor how all of your keyword bids are performing. Those that are bringing in larger quantities of qualified leads can be nurtured by placing higher bids on the keywords, and thus improving your ranking and views.

Keyword bids that are not performing well can be reduced or removed entirely from your campaign. PPC campaigns can assess, down to each individual click and search, how successful your ROI will be.

This is a remarkable benefit that print, radio, and television marketing simply cannot provide. In this way, PPC marketing is far less of a gamble than these other marketing platforms.

3. You can strategize and improve your success

All the information you need to improve and optimize your strategy is at your fingertips, down to the sometimes insane things people type in their search engine that cause your ad to pop up.

You have constant information on how effective your ads are.

No more stumbling around in the dark, trying to formulate a plan of which direction to throw your money. All this detailed data means that you are able to constantly morph and adjust your campaign, tweaking each adword, each search, to be the most effective possible.

In this way, you can make a campaign go from sustainable to profitable to successful.
Fannit’s Pay-Per-Click Strategy

Fannit’s PPC strategy revolves around a simple concept. There are only two things that truly matter- cost per sale, and sales volume. If your cost per sale is acceptable, and the volume of sales justifies the effort, your PPC campaign is worth it.

How do we do that? It’s all about targeting. An effective PPC campaign targets people, not keywords, and appeals to them according to what their needs are. From there, through a process of constant iteration, we get closer and closer to finding the true needs of people.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.